Basically my annual resolutions list mentioned to work on more articles, write more in English and travel more…. Hum hum hum… You know how it is when you have others priorities and many things going on in the same time, just like going to work, find a new job and be able to attend interviews while you currently have a full-time job, manage a terrible flat agency which is able to let you live without boiler for days, trying to have a real social life, get some rest, …….. A REAL JUNGLE.

So I confess, when I saw those Jerome Dreyfuss boots on a stunning lady on the street, I felt back in childhood again, when my only preoccupation with my friends was to dress up and play the lady we were dreaming about, ignoring what it will involve to be that lady.

Just like every color, there’re many many references, Silver reminds me David Bowie, Cherrie Curry’s outfits from The Runaway, sophisticated and rock’n roll. My definition of Londoners.


1. Asos Midi Dress 2. Asos Dark Glitters Tights 3. Asos Sequin Midi Dress 4. Sequin Low Back Dress 5. Asos Glitters Tights


Either in your make up, in accessories or in all over, Silver is one of the color we will see more and more this winter and next Summer. For the discrete ones, a pair a of shoes or a nail polish, for the boldest an all over outfit for a night out or the perfect leather biker jacket to match with any of your outfit. Is silver the new nudes? We agree, silver is way much easier to wear when you’re out and about than at work in a very formal environment.  Here is my favorite items to add some silver touch in your daily outfits. 1. Necklace Swarovski 2. Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana 3. Blouse Isabel Marant 4. Biker Jacket H&M 5. Necklace Lucy Folk 6. Nailpolish Burberry 7. Sneakers Nike 8. Mini Skirt TopShop 9. Ankle Boots TopShop

Need more inspiration? Check my Pinterest board ! Make up ideas, looks and shopping list in program…….

I hope you enjoyed !!

I wish you all a lovely day ♥



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